Monday, December 15, 2008

15 December

a lazy lazy fat gaining week with a few runs, most notable was sunday morning in Glenbrook NP with Shogun, who is running well. A lot of rain last week, but a good time to plan a few races for 2009, after the christmas period is over...... off for a swim and to see if the sam can actually show up at a training session (in the afternoon. This weekend is the matt fisher double tri.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December 10

Well I did miss a week of reports due to a sprained ankle (the 15th sprain in 15 years on the right ankle) that ocurred while running in the Glenbrook NP in the middle of a late Friday afternoon storm.
Sat 6th of December saw the Byrnes Memorial fun run held where my two year reign was mercilessly ended by Daniel Baldacchino..... who looks fitter than a greyhound at the momment.
Sunday was a 90 min 'bush bash' with 35 referees in Glenbrook NP, starting at the Gorge Track then up the ridge to Tunnel View L.O with "the scam" as the tail-end-charlie (a Recce of this run was performed on the Friday), with all who attended agreeing it was a great Bush Bash for the novice refs.
Sunday arvo saw a back up 90min run out the Linden Ridge Fire Trail from the back of Woodford Dam.
Monday, was a day off work and a 9hr bush walk up and down canyons and creeks in the Wollemi NP with Jimmy the Welsh and the 'Running Enigma'- Dominic Boiden. A memorable that ended with a great storm that saw 11 mils of water fall in 30mins as we emerged from the final canyon and glowing sunset....

Monday, November 24, 2008

23 November Week 4

Week 4: - Grose Head South from Douglas Street return, via Shaws Ridge and Whitecross.
A run meant to be 2hr 10 mins in fact later revealed to be a 2hr 50m run. Running without a watch (batterys gone) meant I couldnt look at elapsed running time, and when you forget how long the course was, and mistake it for a 2hr cousre, you inevitably select a 3hr run course (of course). Warning signs that should have been noted include a feeling of tiredness not usually experinced until a 3rd hour of running. hmmmmm. This week saw 3x Sun valley runs loops (Tue, Thur, Fri) with two easy swims and 1 easy bike ride. A good run nevetheless with weber.
total time 2hrs 50mins.

Friday, November 21, 2008

November runs

The last three sundays have seen the introduction of mandatory long runs, dont know how or why I ever got out of the habbit.

Week 1: To YellowRock: - was an LSD turned sprint out to Yellow Rock look out via the long angle fire trail. Ollie started the return pace, coburn quickly joined in the mad rush then gareth couldnt put pride aside and started chasing. This left me in a lonely predicament, alone on singles ridge rd.
My moment of retribution and 'revenge strategy' was chosen precisiely to my advantage (namely, encourage a pace they coulndt hold, then exploit the terrain to their detriment), simply put, hang on for grim death then attack on the biggest hill.

Well, after this, ollie was talking about the "merits of walking" the last K of a LSD, coburn was gone!, and gareth internally combusted and was found 30 mins later crawling up Rickard Rd, requiring a lift home....its lucky gareth has no ego. Overall a typical and classic run that should be recorded.
Run 2hr 6mins

Week 2: Glen to Wood - After all the controversary of last week, a hot Glenbrook to Woodford sunday arvo was chosen. The pace was agreeable, with gareth, ollie, me hitting heli pad in 65-69 mins??? and Woodford in 2hrs 6 mins. Legs broke after two solid down hill sprints...

Week 3: Faulco Point and Grose River - Getting tired now. A sunday arvo out to Faulco point with James Matthews (after he did Nepean Tri), then a solo run down to Grose river for a swim. Thought a solid run/ scramble up the steps to the fire trail from the river would be in order....17mins 50 secs later arrival at top. Easy 40 mins jog back to Douglas st. legs saw still 5 days later, though a great time trial up the steps (pb is 17m 20secs recodred in 2007 6ft track training). Run 2hrs 8mins.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

better late than never

Well since the last blog, not only has a lot of time past but so too has many adventures.

My 2008 camping trip started at baerami (near Denman) and was an attempt to complete the first solo North-South traverse of the Wollemi.
Started on September 11 and took 7 nights.
Made it half way before realising it will take 2 weeks not 10 days. As I was four days short of the required food I cut my losses and got out half way at long Wheeny Creek on the Putty Road.

Been running a bit and swimming, more details in next blog

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Succesfully completed two 50min runs last week, one of them a solid 43m,4sec loop of the "Home Run" (see map).

Watched Renee run the W2G on Sunday, 2hrs,5mins,36 secs. I dont think there is anyone who knows Renee that doesnt know that split.

Finally passed the Winter Solstice and can look fwd to longer days and setting some running goals.... need to get one of them.

Will be walking this weekend on the search for... The next Blog should have good news.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ran with the Shogun and Scam on Saturday for a cold 90 min Winter solstice run. ITB held up well, gaining strength back into the affected limb slowly.
A few swims with the Reverend Dr Meggs indors to avoid darkness, no WRs this week.
envisage a few more runs this week.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Two runs last week, each 20 mins and no pain in the ITB.... however that rest of the legs are another story. 40 mins total running and the legs feel like they have just run two marathons, gees legs loose conditioning, especially when carry extra Kgs.

The goal to run more Ks than swimlast week: accomplished (just).

Swim on Sunday arvo with 'crap kick' and 'Dr. Phil' was 2 x 1k time trials. Boys swam well, me : 12min 50secs 99th/sec for the first kilo (short course)to be exact, but below the magical 13 min barrier. second kilometre 13min 40 secs with a laxidasical first 500m. Arms really tired after set.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This weeks goal is to run more Ks than I swim.
Though my swim is going great, well, this comment is based on comparing myself to a guy named 'James Crap Kick Matthews' who grew up in a country (Wales) that did not have a single 50m pool until only recently.

5 x 400's on 6min cycle: average 5m 15secs per 400m, with a 61 sec 100m (short course) the following day.

Scambullant was not seen all weekend...... must of had a race on
Shogun is going to secretly improve I believe with some solid-consistent miles

Thursday, June 5, 2008

June 5
Been substituting running for swimming and substituting swimming with getting to the pool without my cozzies (twice in 7 days)
One swim session became a "Resistance" session in the board shorts, the other saw a $40 "investment" in a new pair of speedos.

Looking forward to running again, hopefully the Dr-Professor, Olliver Messers, Emeritus of Sports, Weber, at the Blue Mountains founding Physio Department in the Wentworth Falls Valleys only AIS endorsed treatment centre can fix Sleep Train's ITB Band.

Friday, May 30, 2008

30 May 2008, well ITB has put me out for 2 weeks

Thursday, May 22, 2008