Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Luck All 6 Footers

Good luck everyone racing this weekend in the big one.

Will be at start and finish on crewing duties for fellow BMMC, including one of the official BMMC race photographers.

I usually wouldnt induldge in tipping, but since I'm not in the race:

My tips for top 3 Men:
1st, Andrew Lee (warrimoo local, great bloke and lives only a few hundred metres from my place so will keep tiltle in the suburb)
2nd or 3rd, Matthews and Andrew Tuckey to fight it out.

1. Bateup (just too good)
2. Middleton (you should of seen her race at the Worlds!)
3. Bespalov (dam good runner).

predictions based on nothing other than last 12 months form, and a few things here and there.

Enjoy the race, think of those poor sods who have the real tough day, yes those who cant participate.