Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sleep on Come Backs

Comeback stories are usually glamorous tales that inspire. Like a good Rocky movie, they usually involve an inspiring soundtrack, a few motivational speech scenes, a training montage of key workouts and the feature bout where Balboa defeats his opponent (Apollo, Mister T, Ivan Drago etc).

So I am going to chronicle my come back in reverse to the usual, albeit Hollywood, fashion. Every ugly bit of it. Who even knows where the comeback will end, a sub 2hr 20min M7 marathon? or another race after July if I'm not ready?

The first run back was euphoric. 6am last Tuesday for the standard, I was joined by a diligent Dr Phil despite his injury (Thanks Dr Phil, having someone there was great).

Run 2: Thursday mornings standard from Scams mansion, with VstaR and J Foghorn for an abbreviated version of the basic Hill Circuit.

Run 3 was in Glen NP on Saturday morning to break the full hour of running mark with Scam as he was completing his final speed tests in the final week before TNF 100 (man he has trained well in 2010).

Also, just counted the notches on the Springwood swim pool entry card: 5 swims out of the last 5 nights. Sundays swim with the W.E.S for a complimentary drag over the final 1000m, before a soft drink at the ORI with Prince Donga to celebrate his 27th year of running. Sarge was also looking focused at soft drink club for his TNF 100 assault. He was obviously using the “Tri schooner-carbo loading” technique when we saw him.

Anyway, I will be using TNF on Saturday to motivate the commencement of real training on Monday (i'm only watching TNF 100). Time to replace the morning Pear & Raspberry Bread and Large full cream Cappuccino (incl 1 sugar) with the Regular skim milk Cap (no sugar). I even dropped off the 2 ltr Dulux paint tin of Jelly Beans at the Animals Kennel to nutritionally sustain him while he is a hostage in his own house (apparently ALDI do not home deliver dinners). Time to start eating vegetables again too.

Weighing in at a staggering 78kgs- that’s a 10% increase in body weight since 2 February (last run before injury). Oh yeah the stress fracture feels 100% - gave it 3 more voluntary weeks of rest just to be sure. This weeks aim is 4 runs, all no more than 50mins, one 65-70mins.

Photo is from a recent bushwalk down to the Grose Valley from the Fruit Shop on Bells Line of Road via Browns Ridge F.T and Browns Creek (where it meets the Grose). Wolleim LL#2 – hope you enjoy the photo!