Tuesday, January 27, 2009

6 foot track training run- Aust Day 09'

After a weekend in Canberra watching a triathlon, Australia Day was celebrated in a typically Australian way with a training run over the 6 foot track race course.
I was joined by two rather amazing female athletes, Angela B and Narelle.

Upon reaching the cox's in a comfortable 1hr 29m, and being surprised by the pace, I then enquired as to some past race results of my training companions to ascertain if they would keep this pace up. It was then I realised I was running with the current World Bronze Medallist in long distacne mountain running, and her training partner!!

The Cox's to Pluvio KOM in 1hr 2min (with 2 short stops) then the long run to the road and down the always painful descent to finish. All up 4hrs 19mins on the legs, with only approx. 20-25 mins in rest/ food stops.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Week 2 of (real) training

A good consistent week training, culminating in the Glen-Wood-Spring again on sunday. 3rd week in a row and this long run is gradually getting less fatiguing in terms of recovery. Shogun accompanied me on the run setting a good starting pace to the oaks and was looking good until a few 'mechanical' problems plagued him. 114ks running, 10k swimming, 70ks bike and 15 mins water running this week and leaned down to 74kgs...8 weeks to 6 foot track

Monday, January 12, 2009

big run on sunday morning was wood to glen to springwood run, 37ks in 2hrs 40 mins. may increase length next week (2hrs 1 min to gate, 39mins down to springwood). However total running ks were only 86ks with 9k swim and 80ks on the bike so a good week of training albeit a lot of cross training.
Goal this week is 110ks running and to lean up.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Beginning of 2009!

A few weeks since last running blog due to being away from a computer

Christmas saw a few races and a few long runs.

New Years Day 2009 was ushered in with a 37k Glenbrook-Woodford-Springwood jaunt starting in 35 degree heat (5pm) with ollie who not only decided to run on his injured ankle (two weeks earlier than prescribed by his physio), but without any water or gels.

Needless to say he was kindly offering to "carry my water bottle" for a few ks if I liked. A good time of 2hrs 9mins to the gate at woodford, then 43 mins back to Springwood: total 2hrs 52 mins, weighing 76kgs....

Then backed up on 4 January with the club mini tri in 61 mins 19 seconds, for my annual triathlon. Anyway, time to set some goals for 2009, maybe 6 foot marathon then North Face 100 with a traverse of the Wollemi in between???