Monday, June 23, 2008

Ran with the Shogun and Scam on Saturday for a cold 90 min Winter solstice run. ITB held up well, gaining strength back into the affected limb slowly.
A few swims with the Reverend Dr Meggs indors to avoid darkness, no WRs this week.
envisage a few more runs this week.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Two runs last week, each 20 mins and no pain in the ITB.... however that rest of the legs are another story. 40 mins total running and the legs feel like they have just run two marathons, gees legs loose conditioning, especially when carry extra Kgs.

The goal to run more Ks than swimlast week: accomplished (just).

Swim on Sunday arvo with 'crap kick' and 'Dr. Phil' was 2 x 1k time trials. Boys swam well, me : 12min 50secs 99th/sec for the first kilo (short course)to be exact, but below the magical 13 min barrier. second kilometre 13min 40 secs with a laxidasical first 500m. Arms really tired after set.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This weeks goal is to run more Ks than I swim.
Though my swim is going great, well, this comment is based on comparing myself to a guy named 'James Crap Kick Matthews' who grew up in a country (Wales) that did not have a single 50m pool until only recently.

5 x 400's on 6min cycle: average 5m 15secs per 400m, with a 61 sec 100m (short course) the following day.

Scambullant was not seen all weekend...... must of had a race on
Shogun is going to secretly improve I believe with some solid-consistent miles

Thursday, June 5, 2008

June 5
Been substituting running for swimming and substituting swimming with getting to the pool without my cozzies (twice in 7 days)
One swim session became a "Resistance" session in the board shorts, the other saw a $40 "investment" in a new pair of speedos.

Looking forward to running again, hopefully the Dr-Professor, Olliver Messers, Emeritus of Sports, Weber, at the Blue Mountains founding Physio Department in the Wentworth Falls Valleys only AIS endorsed treatment centre can fix Sleep Train's ITB Band.