Monday, September 21, 2009

One Big Week

Sleeps training notes for week commencing 14th September, more for my own use to check back upon later

Monday 14th (rest day)
AM sleep in
Lunch – 2k swim (ah bugger it I’m going to the pool)
PM easy 10k with a rest & stretch stop every 1,000m (10k is a rest isn’t it?)

Tuesday 15th (2nd rest day from the weekend)
AM easy 10k loop with scam, animal, skinner (BMMC sanctioned)
PM easy 18k tempo from home up Long Angle F.T to Springwood, back home

Wed 16th
AM swim 3k easy (psyching up for the afternoons key session)
PM 90 min run in the lab, survived 6.75 sprints, Holy #uck it hurt! (survived 5.5 reps week prior) Hardest I have ever run in my life!

Thur 17th
AM run 10 easy hills with animal and scam (BMMC sanctioned)
PM 24km 100min run in Nat Park, great run!!!
- 31 degrees, excited summer was back, loved the heat – shirt off, what chest I have was out
- 6 x 6 min reps on gradient up Oaks FT starting at the Iron barks
- 2nd hard day in a row, I don’t usually violate the “hard day, easy day” rule, but had to this week. Treated myself to Thai with Mrs Train

Fri 18th
AM swim 3k (2 x 1,000m tempo swims on 15min cycle)
PM easy 10k loop from home (3rd loop of Sun Valley for the week)
(easy day b/w two hard days (ie. wed, thur) and two hard-ish’ LSD days (sat, sun)

Sat 19th
AM Glen to Wood to Springwood, 36k hills, could still feel Thursday in the legs (1h53m to Woodford, 2h31m to home)

Lunch: Sleep 2hrs

PM 5k swim, 20x 200s on 3min cycle (holding 2m45s)
Mister G’s party, great catch up with Jogger Kev

Sun 20th
AM Mega LSD, 50+k:
- 5:03am start to beat the heat, Faulco point by 5:48am for sunrise – awesome stuff!
- Back to springwoods check point (now 2 mins behind previous week’s schedule)
- Out to White-cross and down to blue gum swamp, up Bees Nest Hill at 2.5hr mark
- Grose Head South L.O for a stretch, then back along my favourite bit to St Columba’s
- Still 2mins behind previous weeks PB schedule – no problem though
- Back onto Hawkesbury Rd, after pumping in the final Gel thought ah bugger it, this is the last LSD for a while, lets let fluffy off the leash for the last 6ks and get that 2mins back
- Finished 1 min quicker than previous week in 3hr 39mins (52ks)

Lunch: Sleep 3hrs

PM swim 2k (40 x easy 50s)

Swim 15ks
Bike - nil
Run: 181
Sleep: 5 additional hrs
Total time: 20-ish hrs

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hills, Trails & the Blue Mtns bush at its best

After 2 and a half weeks of felling either saw, or carrying a ham-string affliction, have started to feel good and mended.

Key sessions: all the same as last week...
Totals: 171k running, 9 runs - all on hills & trails (except 10k sprinting on a treadmill at 16% incline)
Swim: 12.3k, 4 swims - one HR set on Sat, same as last week
Ride 95mins on turbo spinning (2 rides)
Total time 19.5hrs
Mondays sleep in felt good

Other than the above it was a great week of training, most of which was in the bush running beside all the marvellous Australian natives flowering at the moment. My favourite at the moment has to be the Epacris Longifloria sp. in blooming abundance particularly along the Fire Trail out to Grose Head South from St Columba’s as seen on Sunday mornings LSD.
If nothing else running gives you an appreciation of the local bush and its beauty!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sleeps weekly report

A reasonably good weeek training, no big miles but a few key sessions completed. Hammy was recovering well until Wednesday when it flared up again, with Thursday being another day off the road, albeit onto the bike.

Long run Sunday was Faulco-point, Springwood, Winmalee, Bees Nest Hill, Grose Head South, back to Springwood, approx 50k, happy with time.

Saturday, Glen to Woodford to Sprringwood following the BMMC full moon Woodford to Glenbrook. Decided to miss the W2G by night, however i did see the full moon on the G2W early Sat morning as the moon was very low in the sky, and still bright enough to impress in the pre dawn sky - beautiful Blue Mtns stuff. Saw all the footprints of the coolrunners/ BMMC who did the W2G only a few hours earlier.

Wednesday was in the BMMC Lab (see photo) to test out the gradient in Austria (1:5), where the hammy protested. One of the hardest 2minute sessions Ive ever done.

Totals: 142k running (over 5 days), swim: 11ks (5 swims), bike: 1hr on turbo, Total time 17hrs.