Friday, December 10, 2010

Sleep's Top 10 Sporting Motivational Videos of all time

Number 10.
Hey, he got as far as he was going to with hard work, sometimes you just need a break. Chance favours the prepared. If the World record holder cant stay on his skates, thats his problem. #10.

Number 9.
You were either one or the other: a Mark Allen fan, or a dave scott fan. The two best iron men ever go head to head in the "Iron War of 1989". Many a young kid watched this video over and over. Possibly worth a higher ranking than 9th, but.... This race changed everything in the sport of triathlons for ever.#9

Number 8.
Rocky, a man always capable of striking a chord in the under dog in all of us. This speech while not a sporting moment per se is as sporting related as you can get. Stop making excuses and believe your worthy.#8

Number 7.

A video played at most BMMC events nowadays as motivation. The look on the face, the sound in the voice, the body language, the reference to State rail services when a legend wearing a pink dress finds out who won his race. All the trash talk on CR stopped fairly quickly after this video went viral.#7.

Number 6.
We smashed em like guitars. Klim broke the world record in the opening leg, then thorpie swam over the top of "Worlds best sprinter" garry hall jnr. in the final leg. This was the peak of a male swimming wave for asutralia. A swell of australian talent and belief that was started by K. Perkins in the early 1990s. #6.

Number 5
Mateship, tradition, running and gallipoli. Whoever thought to blend a running movie with a war movie was a pure genius. My mantra on the hills: "What are your legs? Steel Springs, How fast can you run? as fast as a lepard, how fast are you going to run? as fast as a lepard, then lets see you do it....." #5.

Number 4.
I was 7 years old when I saw this race on TV (brisbane comm games mara). It was the first time I thought gees running looks kind of cool. Hail deek. He gave hope to all us big runners.#4.

Number 3.
I was lucky enough to be in the Olympic Stadium on the night of this race. When Cathy Freeman won the 400m earlier in the night, yeah it was cool. But the 10,000m was historic. The 2 best runners ever, in the best race ever, racing in their prime. Truley historic. #3.

Number 2.
Plagued by mishap, after mishap. The 100th anniversary of the Tour in 2003 wasnt meant to include an American said to be 'too rich', 'too old', 'too american', 'too big' to win against all the odds. The 'Tour Gods' threw everything at lance in 2003and he threw it back. After two bike mishaps, no team suppport and Ulrich who didnt wait.... lance goes on to set up the tour win by putting 400 kilowatts per/hr in anger through a set of cranks to destroy Ulrich....again chilling stuff to watch. #2

Number 1.
People remember where they were when man first walked on the moon. I remember where I was when this swim was on. The best sporting comeback/ or moment in history. I still get chills down the spine watching and thinking about this one, and what it did for australian swimming. He was last onto the Aust team, last into the final by a few 100th/ sec, trashed by every newspaper and expert commentator, but had not a single doubt in his own mind he would take Gold.


SemiFreddo said...

nice little list. Liked the Paul Arthur interview best :)

Lawrence McDonell said...

Nice list..definitely some great sporting moments i like the nod to the Sydney Olympics it was a magical fortnight...Rumble in the Jungle with Ali and Foreman would make my top ten.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you left the 2007 Blue Mts Maxim adventure race off your list

Anonymous said...

Greg Lemond overcomes Laurent Fignon by 8 seconds in final time trial 1989 tour de france , after three weeks of racing ..... even through Lemond followed Fignon for three weeks, you still gotta admire his ride .... even better though was watching Fignon attack on the flats whilst wearing the yellow jersey .... thats class ... get that armstrong pretender out of there .... he crashed , they sat up and waited ...