Monday, September 13, 2010

Grose Valley Trainign Run, from Faulconbridge Point (25ks)

Instead of just writing about my runs (or lack of them), I thought I would do a photo journal of my Sunday run.

This run is by far my favorite run of all time, and the most prolific run I have ever done, with variations of it having been run continuously since 1988. My long run as a kid was to a marked tree about 4kms from the home.

Start at Springwood High School (see picture of the round about), head out Grose Rd to the Lookout (10ks, see pic of lookout), then head back 1km (see picture of singles track start)and turn left down to the River.

Then Climb up the two cliff ledges, now with rope, shown to the left. Average HR shown in picture.


Brick said...

Looks good.
Do you also do any rock climbing, I would be up for a rock climbing trip if you do.
I am a friend of shogun if you are not sure who I am.

Scam Bullant said...

Once saw ST trying to teach himself how to abseil in case he got stuck on a trip to se a tree in a place.

Having seen this I will keep the date free to watch him climb. Just let me know when it is and I will have the video camera ready.

Of course none of this need be considered next run together on the hills O.K

Sleep Train said...

Hi Brick,
no Im not a rock climber, but love mountain climbing (walking that is).Lets hook up for shoguns and my next trip. cheers